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Kessler Parallax Now Available for Rental

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Newly added to our arsenal of video production tools is the Kessler Parallax for the CineSlider system. It’s a fantastic piece of gear that offers fluid automatic panning & fixed point shooting with precision for smooth, dynamic movement.  From shooting interviews, time lapses, showcasing products or shooting film, Kessler’s Parallax for the CineSlider provides multitudes of production value to any type of video project.

It’s portable, easy to use, and available for rental at ProMedia Productions.  Contact us today with any questions about this amazing new piece of gear.

Kessler CineDrive Showcase Reel

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This video is a compilation of various shots where we employed the Kessler CineDrive.  We love this piece of gear!  From time-lapses in Alaska, to product cutaways and slow motion panning of live music, the CineDrive is a very versatile piece of gear that adds dynamism to any shoot.

Lake Superior Ice Caves in 4K (Time-lapse)

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The Lake Superior Ice Caves in 4K, we had to see them ourselves and capture their beauty with some of our new Kessler gear!  Check out this footage to see why an estimated 138,000 people visited this stunning location this winter season.

Kessler CineDrive Green Screen & Virtual Set Demo

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Steve Keller showcases the Kessler CineDrive, controlled via an iPad, and how it can be used to move through a virtual studio.  The virtual studio itself was constructed in Maya by our graphics team based on the design presented by our client.  A very cool, behind-the-sceens peek at the process of using a motion control system in a green screen environment to make a virtual set.  The CineDrive system is available for rental, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this exciting piece of gear

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