3D Video Production

When projects require total sensory immersion, shooting footage in 3D is a must.  ProMedia Productions is well-equipped and well-versed in Hi-Definition 3D video production. We even have 3D stock footage!

Stereoscopy creates the illusion of three-dimensional depth from given two-dimensional images. Human vision, including the perception of depth, is a complex process which only begins with the acquisition of visual information taken in through the eyes; much processing ensues within the brain, as it strives to make intelligent and meaningful sense of the raw information provided. One of the very important visual functions that occur within the brain as it interprets what the eyes see is that of assessing the relative distances of various objects from the viewer, and the depth dimension of those same perceived objects.

Whether you need a product shot in 3D for a demonstration video, medical procedure or training video, or you have an event you need filmed in 3D, ProMedia Productions has you covered.

Our 3D Stereoscopic Demo Reel

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