Commercial Video Production

We live in a whirling visual and sonic world where peoples’ elusive attention is short and hard-won. A well-constructed television, radio, or internet advertisement can educate, elucidate, and entertain- all while getting your message across. Enter ProMedia- experts in commercial video production.

ProMedia Productions provides a complete package when making television, radio and internet commercials. We offer our creative services in the pre-production phase in scripting, casting and securing locations. We offer a variety of Post Production services, including Final Cut and Premier Pro editing, ProTools 24 Digital Audio Workstation for music and voiceover sessions, and 3D animation and graphics.

Whether we’re providing all creative services, or just a few, our award-winning creative team will ensure you get the best finished product possible. Contact Us today to get a free quote on your next commercial project!

Some Examples of Our Commercial Work:

3d motion graphics

Animation Demo 2

HD Motion graphic animation

Animation & Motion Graphics Demo Reel


Electro Voice ZXA1 Loudspeaker

minnesota commercial video production

LeafGuard – If It Rains, It Pours Commercial

trade show video production

3M Vikuiti Film Promo Video: Integrated

ElectroVoice ZLX Promo

3d graphics and animation

Lindus Construction Commercial

commercial video production

Comcast – Get It Together Commercial

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