Trade Shows

Command attention at trade shows. Offer better information. Provide an experience. ProMedia provides services for your trade show video production, graphics and displays.

ProMedia can craft an eye-catching presentation using 3D animation, live footage, music, and more, to leave a lasting impression with the attendees of your trade show. And we specialize in multi-screen video displays for maximum impact.

A trade show production is a powerful marketing tool and ProMedia will work with you, within your budget, using our creative and technical expertise to get your products and services the attention they need.

Our Services Include

  • Digital Signage

  • In-Store Signage

  • HD Graphics

  • Memorable Messages

  • High Impact Video

  • Scalable Deployment

  • Lobby Displays

  • Multi-Screen Displays

Examples of Trade Show Related Work

Medical Animation

Medical Demo Reel

Telex IP224 Radio Dispatch Solution

Envoy Medical Trade Show Clip

3M Vikuiti DEBF Trade Show Reel

trade show video production minneapolis

3M Vikuiti Film Promo Video: Clearer

trade show video production minnesota

3M Vikuiti Trade Show Video: Oranges

trade show video production

3M Vikuiti Film Promo Video: Integrated

Medical Product Demonstration Video

AngioJet Ultra System

ElectroVoice ZLX Promo

Omneo RTS Networking Technology Trade Show Video

mn graphics and animation


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