Media Transfer, Duplication & Replication

ProMedia Productions is fully equipped to tackle nearly any form of media manipulation. 
We offer competitively priced media transfer and duplication services for most major consumer and professional video formats. We also have in-house Standards Conversion. At ProMedia Productions we offer all of our services in-house so clients don’t have to run from one vendor to the next – we have everything you need for your next media project. No matter the size and scope of your project- from  home movie to DVD, ProMedia Productions is ready to tackle any and all of your duplication, replication or media transfer needs with quick turn-over at a competitive price. Contact us today!

Transfer and Duplication Services

Film & Video

  • 8MM Film Transfer
  • Super 8mm Film Transfer
  • 16mm Film Transfer
  • VHS Transfer to DVD & Digital
  • VHS-C Transfer
  • Video-8 Transfer
  • Hi-8 Transfer
  • Digi-8 Video Transfer
  • HDV Transfers
  • DVCAM Conversion
  • BetaSP Conversion
  • BetaMax Conversion
  • 1″ Tape Transfers
  • 3/4″ U-matic Transfers
  • MiniDV Transfers
  • PAL Video Conversion
  • Blu-Ray Transfers
  • Video Transfer to Hard Drive
  • Convert Video to DVD
  • Video Encoding
  • DVD Authoring
  • Convert to Quicktime or WMV


ProMedia Productions offers audio transfers of various formats to CD or various digital formats including:

  • Record/LP Transfers
  • Audio Cassette Transfers
  • Reel to Reel Audio Transfers
  • CD to Digital Transfers

Image Transfers & Other Services

  • 35mm Slide Scanning
  • Photo & Photo Album Scanning
  • Digital Photo Touch-up & Restoration
  • Digital Slideshows
  • Graphic Design for Labels & Packaging
  • Website Graphics


  • DVD Duplication Services
  • DVD Replication Services
  • CD Duplication Services
  • CD Replication Services
  • Blu-Ray Duplication Services
  • Blu-Ray Replication Services
  • VHS Duplication Services
  • DVD/CD Authoring Services
  • Other Formats Available

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Offering Transfer, Duplication, and Replication Services for CD, DVD, Blue Ray, VHS, Cassette, Slide and other formats.