Video Editing

Video Editing in Minneapolis MN – The beauty of digital editing is how quickly and easily changes can be made, and the process has been made even more convenient for our clients with the advantage of uploading digital files to ProMedia’s secure website- much easier than splicing tape together and arranging constant meetings!  Electronic versions of our clients’ files are created and uploaded with a login name and password. Viewers can watch and leave comments with timecode references for exact editing feedback.

We have 3 fully functional and equipped edit suites at ProMedia Productions which we use for video editing, and also rent out to other videographers. They are capable of viewing, transferring or integrating all modern video formats, as well as most of the legacy video formats, such as BetaCamSP, DigiBeta, 1”, D2, DVCAM and HDCAM. Digital files can be encoded to H.264 and we can provide content in any desired format.

Wither it’s a short 30 second ad, or a full-length feature film, ProMedia Productions is well equipped and has the experience needed to professionally edit video fluidly and effectively.

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